The STAY AT HOME 12 Week Body Transformation Plan
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The STAY AT HOME 12 Week Body Transformation Plan


Gyms are closing, supermarket shelves are emptying, and nobody’s sure whether to spend the next few weeks eating their body weight in pizza and pop tarts, or if this is the perfect time to achieve their physique goals…

Predictably, I am in the latter camp!

This is going to be a few weeks / months of unadulterated lock down…

The perfect time to implement a routine…

The perfect time to focus on yourself…

The perfect time to map out a route to achieving your goals…

The perfect time for The Stay At Home 12 Week Body Transformation Plan.


Please note that as this is a digital download we do not offer refunds. Please read the product description carefully and make sure the product fits your goal BEFORE purchasing.

About This Plan…

The Training

This plan consists of timed home workouts which will use your bodyweight against gravity (resistance training), and continuous movement as your cardio (calorie burning).

Essentially, these are at home body transformation workouts.

Every 4 weeks, both the circuits and the times instructed will change throughout the plan…

This will keep your body progressing (both internally re strength and fitness, and externally re physique results), and keep you feeling challenged rather than bored…

This plan is broken up into x3 training phases:

  • Phase 1 – Weeks 1 – 4
  • Phase 2 – Weeks 5 – 8
  • Phase 3 – Weeks 9 – 12

With x2 rest days implemented each week for recovery.

The Nutrition:

This Plan Includes:

  • A Food Bible (for you to choose your daily food from)
  • A Meal Plan (to instruct your daily meals)


  • A Calorie and Macro Tracking Guide (for those of you who track your food)

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