My Fat Loss Phase – Week 5

Posted on 20th April 2020 | Back to blog

I’m now into my fifth week of fat loss, and my weigh ins have been as follows…

WEEK 1 – 64kg

WEEK 2 – 62.9kg (-1.1kg)

WEEK 3 – 61.8kg (-1.1kg)

WEEK 4 – 61.3kg (-0.5kg)

WEEK 5 – 61.2kg (-0.1kg)

Total 5 week loss = -2.8kg (-6.1lbs)

While a loss of 6.1lbs in 5 weeks means I am well and truly on track, as you will be able to see, the rate of loss is slowing down significantly.

Put simply, the less body fat you have to lose, the harder it becomes to shift…

Before I began this fat loss phase, I was doing hypertrophy in the gym followed by x20minutes of steady state cardio x4 days a week.

I was eating 1980kcals a day and was super excited for my fat loss phase to start…

I had a very specific plan that has, for obvious reasons, completely gone out the window!

The first thing I did 5 weeks ago was pull my calories down from 1980kclas to 1740kcals (-240kcals) via a 60g carbohydrate decrease, and increase my body strength HIIT circuits / steady state cardio from x20minutes x4 days a week to x25minutes x6 days a week.

On Saturdays OR Sundays my calories go back up to 1980kcals via 60g carbohydrates (and / or alcohol!). This is my x1 weekly refeed day. I may increase this to x2 consecutive refeed days a week as I get deeper into my fat loss phase, but for now, x1 is enough.

Weekly refeeds are implemented for mental, hormonal, metabolic, performance and recovery reasons.

But back to my deficit…

While my calories took a hit 5 weeks ago, they were still high in the context of a fat loss diet, and while my cardio was increased, it was still low in the context of a fat loss phase.

I haven’t touched my calories or cardio since then, and truth be told, I’m hesitant to…

Why? Because I know that losing will only get harder, and I want some room to play with when I eventually stall (this is inevitable in a fat loss phase, and I already know it’s coming).

So, for week 5 (and potentially week 6), I won’t be increasing cardio or decreasing calories.

I’m going to try to take this as slowly and as lazily as possible, because as it stands, there’s no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…

What I mean by this is that there’s currently no WHY, and until I have one, I’m going to pace myself.

There’s no denying that NOW is the PERFECT time to implement a fat loss phase, but I am urging my clients and followers NOT to jump the gun…

Don’t do too much, too soon.

My advice in a nutshell? START NOW, but TAKE IT SLOW, and don’t be afraid to sit tight for a few weeks at a time WITHOUT touching calories or cardio.

If you would like to see the types of bodyweight workouts I do at home (while you may not be able to grow the muscle, you can certainly keep hold of what you do have), and I how I instruct a fat loss diet (both meal plans for non trackers AND calorie and macro instructions for trackers), have a read of

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