My Last Week of Gaining

Posted on 21st February 2020 | Back to blog

Hi guys!

First and foremost, I want to say thank you all so much for visiting my new website.

I truly hope it helps you achieve your goals, and I hope you continue to come back over the course of the next few years (yes, I am in this one for the long haul!).

I’m sure a few of you already follow me on Instagram (@madeleychloe), or listen to my podcast (The Bodcast), or have watched my Amazon Prime Body Blast, or have read one of my books, and I cannot thank you enough for essentially adding to an audience number that allows me to KEEP ON doing what I love.

I don’t mean for that to sound so numerical, cold or dismissive, on the contrary, every single one of you has contributed to my career in some respect, and I GENUINELY cannot thank you enough.

The point of this site is for me to upload free content around training and nutrition, as well as pay as you go content of videos and downloads, with the added option to subscribe (coming soon) at a monthly discount for those of you who feel this could be your road map to achieving your long-awaited physique goals.

It’s also to allow me to be my own boss again…

After many years of answering to employers and suits, constantly having to compromise on content, it’s nice to finally be able to put WHATEVER I WANT out there – no holds barred.

SO, I suppose I should update you all on my own physique and incoming goals…

I am currently in my last week of gaining!

Gaining muscle, gaining fat, you name it, I’ve gained it!

I’ve been gaining since December, and the purpose of this phase has been three-fold:

  • I wanted to come out of my dieting phase and enjoy December as much as possible (for obvious reasons).
  • I wanted to spend a few months gaining as much muscle as possible (this meant increasing my calories, focusing on progressive overload, and decreasing my cardio).
  • I didn’t want to ‘diet’ again (if ever), until I actually wanted to…

What I mean by my last point is that the last few fat loss phases I’ve done have been for an external job, which may sound like coveted motivation to many of you, but actually, in order to push your body hard to get super lean, that drive has to come from you.

In fact, last year, I was so wishy washy and unmotivated that while I was certainly ‘in shape’, ‘lean’ is a level I did not manage to get to.

That statement isn’t indicative of body dysmorphia or crazy insecurity, the fact of the matter is that being ‘in shape’ and being ‘very lean’ are 2 very different results.

Being lean is an absolutely killer goal that demands no less than 100%, and I simply didn’t care enough.

So, what’s changed?

Well, it’s been about 4 months of doggedly trying to gain muscle, and I cannot continue to do this without a fully functioning gym space. 

What I CAN do, though, is hold onto the muscle that I HAVE built, and use this time to get LEAN…

What’s the difference between the former and the latter?

Well, when you already have a good amount of muscle, are strong and experienced in weight lifting, you really need EXTERNAL weights to continue PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD (PO = continuing to challenge and grow muscle).

Without external weights, you can CERTAINLY hold onto your muscle mass with any kind of resistance training at all (body strength, bands, small home weights etc.), but PO is highly unlikely.

SO, I am using this time to implement body strength circuits (allowing me to use my bodyweight against gravity and keep my muscle mass), in a HIIT style fashion (allowing me to spike my heart rate, burn calories, increase my metabolic rate and get LEAN!).

And what a time to be relaunching my website!

You can follow what I’m doing with my STAY AT HOME 12 Week Body Transformation Plan.

THIS area of the site will be documenting my next (and potentially last) fat loss phase, my calories, macros, and training!

Guys, USE THIS TIME to get your shit together. Wake up, get moving, eat right, and GET THE RESULTS YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED!

Now, more than ever, structure, discipline and ROUTINE are IMPORTANT!

Let’s do this!


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