Week 14 – Stalling and Digging

Nutrition | 25th June 2020

I’m now into my 14th week of dieting…


WEEK 10 – 62kg (0kg loss)

WEEK 11 – 61.2kg (.8kg loss)

WEEK 12 – 60kg (1.2kg loss)

WEEK 13 – 60kg  (0kg loss)

WEEK 14 – 60kg (0kg loss)

At the end of my 3-week-diet-break (week 9), I re-entered my deficit of 1740kcals…

Unsurprisingly, I stayed level after 1 week of dieting.

However, in week 2 of dieting, I went straight back down to my pre-diet-break weight of 61.2kg.

This was great, as I essentially took 3 weeks off my diet and didn’t undo any of my hard earned 2.8kg weight loss.

What was surprising was seeing a BIG drop in week 12, hitting 60kg.

3 weeks later and I haven’t seen anything less than this on the scales yet, so now I am going to have to start digging.

Getting under 60kg is always a bit of a schlep for me, but to be honest, I’ve had a pretty easy ride of it so far, and I’m more than happy to pull up my big girl pants…

So, in week 15, I will be dropping my calories down to 1620kcals via -30g carbohydrates.

My macros are now as follows:

120g P

60g F

150g C



As well as my lifting and body strength circuits, I have been doing steady state cardio for x25minutes x6 days a week.

I will now be increasing cardio to x35minutes x6 days a week.

My end goal is 8 weeks away, so I’m hoping I can hit the 59kgs in the coming weeks!

If you would like to see the types of bodyweight workouts I do at home (while you may not be able to grow the muscle, you can certainly keep hold of what you do have), and I how I instruct a fat loss diet (both meal plans for non trackers AND calorie and macro instructions for trackers), have a read of

The STAY AT HOME 12 Week Body Transformation Plan

description page, and see if the download is right for you.


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